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Concrete Art uses a cutting edge new product called Milestone Hybridized Portland Cement, which is designed to go over existing surfaces. Milestone is extremely durable, economical, eco-friendly, requires no special maintenance and is highly resistant to damage.
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What Is Milestone Hybridized Portland cement?

Milestone is a new age product in architectural finishes designed to add elegance and durability to nearly any existing interior or exterior surface. It consists of a dry blend powder that is mixed as needed with a water base liquid acrylic.


The following is a short overview of the product’s potential applications:


• Over a stable substrate, Milestone will not crack or lose adhesion. Milestone has been used to finish over drywall, concrete, stucco, wood (dry applications only), Styrofoam, cement board, etc. Other possible applications include but are not limited to tabletops, pools, driveways, art pieces, waterfalls, bathtubs, cabinets, steam rooms, decorative planters, refrigerator facings, furniture, floors, countertops, tile, etc.


• Milestone is a Portland cement material that allows for an organic look.


• Milestone is a highly eclectic finish material used when a unique, durable, lightweight aesthetic finish is desired.


• Milestone is colorfast and proven to be stable under extreme conditions.


Essentially, Milestone is a versatile and proven product suitable for multitudes of possible applications both decorative and protective.

Is Milestone Hybridized Portland cement Eco-Friendly?
We are a Green Friendly Company.

Eco-friendly “green” applications; in that micro-layers of natural water-based products are used to create a durable and lasting surface. If you ever want to change it, there is no environmentally unsound tear out, nothing to haul away to the landfill.

What Kind Of Regular Maintenance Is Needed?

It’s relatively easy to maintain a Milestone floor. Dust mopping on a regular basis followed by intermittent damp mopping using a ph neutral detergent is usually all that’s necessary. It is recommended that you occasionally reapply the floor finish with a micro-fiber mop if the floor finish starts to look dull.

Can Concrete Art Be Repaired?

For damage, such as scratching or chipping, a small amount of the colorant provided to you should be all that is required to take care of the problem. Follow the instructions on the bottle.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

Concrete Art has been in business for 16 years.

Are You Licensed and Bonded?

Concrete Art is licensed by the State of California, Contractors State License Board. License #786942. We are fully bonded and carry additional General Liability Insurance.

What Areas Do You Serve?

We primarily serve Northern California, the Bay Area, and Reno. We do travel out of state if necessary.

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